About Us

While we do not know the exact date of the founding of our congregation, we do know that in 1866 the Methodist Episcopal church began preaching services on a lot at the corner of Galbraith and Atkins Streets. In that same year, ground was donated by Major Caldwell, a devout Christian layman and the father of Confederate General Ernest Caldwell. His family contributed money toward the construction of the first white frame building which was completed April 15, 1871. This building was replaced in 1909 by a brick structure. At that time, the name was changed to Scott Chapel Methodist Church in memory of the late Bishop J.B. Scott.

In 1888, Scott Chapel became a full station charge. The beginning of the former Bedford County Training School, later changed to Harris School and the Elm Street Jr. High School, could be traced to Scott Chapel. Public Education for many of our forefathers began with classes taught in churches before the construction of schools. Our much beloved Professor Purdy began his schooling in this manner. Also, there is Professor John McAdams, who made a district contribution.

The first member of Scott Chapel was Mrs. Rosa Porter. Another early member was Mrs. Mary Caldwell, Mother of General Ernest Caldwell, who worked in the church; raising money to pay the pastor and other expenses. Other early members were Mrs. Eliza Jackson, Mrs. Sona Ensley, and Mrs. Sara Jane Morton.

The first trustees of Scott Chapel were Barbara Cannon, Albert Goggins Reeves, Cyrus Cooper, T.U. McAdams, John Bellander, Thomas Ayers, and John Alexander.

The first pastor of the Scott Chapel congregation is unknown. The second pastor was the Reverend Washington. Some other early pastors were the Reverends Parks, Johnson, White, and Jesse Harvey.

Because of an Urban Renewal Project, the present sanctuary was erected in 1961 at the corner of Morton and Rock Streets during the pastorate of the Reverend James Lawson. Trustees for this building were Cannon Anderson, Thomas Brame, John Allison, Jr., Samuel Denton, Henry Hamilton, Mac Knott, Roy Porter, Jr., Pauline Snelling, and Will Wilhoite.

Other pastors to serve Scott Chapel during the early years of the new sanctuary were the Reverends Kenneth Frazier and Glenn Lyles. It was during the eight-year pastorate of Reverend Robert U. Green that the mortgage burning for the Sanctuary was accomplished

During the ensuing years, Scott United Methodist Church has been served by the following pastors whose prayers, leadership and vision have guided and enriched the lives of many: The Rev Joe Shelton (July 74-June 75), Rev. Rowland Scruggs (July 75-June 79), Rev. Theodore C. Collier (July 79-June 81), Rev. Donald Jenkins (July 81-June 84), Rev. Catherine Kirk (July 84-June 88), Rev Kenneth Edmondson (July 88-June 91), Rev William Smith (July 91-June 94), Rev. John K.L. Young (July 94- June 96), Rev. Isaac J Davis (June 96-July 02), Rev. Dr. Robin Kimbrough (July 02-June 19).

Presently our pastor is the Rev. Virginia Yeargins, whose pastorate began July of 2019.